Thursday, April 29, 2004

FIELD LOCATION: Our field is directly in front of the Air & Space Museum, which is between 4th and 7th street on the Mall. Post game drinking is scheduled for My Brother's Place after the game (http://www.mybrothersplace.com/)

Adam reminded me to remind folks to bring $20 for the season for beer, jerseys, Iced Tea's, and the "Bert is out of a job in January" Fund. Checks can be made out to North State Flood. Yes, we have a checking account for NSF. Yes, I realize that makes us softball dorks, but at least we're organized.

Sr. Exercise Team Leader Lise "Stretch" Lynam will be leading us in pre-game calisthenics between 6-6:15. Game time scheduled for 6:30pm.

AccuBert: Damn Sunny.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Reminder, we have a game tomorrow against the Florida State Society on the Mall at 6:30pm. Final field location details will be emailed tomorrow.

Please wear your jersey from last year, or if you can't find it, it no longer fits, or you have cut the sleeves off and made it into a skirt somehow, just wear a navy shirt. If you don't have a navy shirt, you will be forced to wear a neon pink shirt and the catcher's mask while everyone points and laughs.

If you haven't already done so, please let me know if you can make it tomorrow.

Ok, seriously folks, I know we are all about having fun and Adam gets on my case about "let's just have fun. It doesn't matter if we win or lose", but this team has been talking smack for several months. We all know that with the exception of the folks from Florida on our team (Biggy), Florida isn't really part of the south and is comprised mostly of transplanted Yankees over the age of 75 who are sucking away our retirement and are responsible in some way or another for every constituent phone call that takes more than 60 seconds to deal with. In short, a win would be nice.

AccuBert forecast: sunny, 80 degrees and no votes.

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